MAD lab
MAD lab excites TEC ART with a with an exposition and open discussion with 3 future technology experts. The exposition is  a loose setup concept for the GogBot festival in September and will reach its final form during the Dutch Design Week in October. Themes such as hacking, internet of things and makers spaces will certainly be shown and explained.

At 15:30 and 22:00 a dynamic, open discussion moderated by Tom Veeger will shed the light of René Paré and Sander Veenhof upon the technological innovations, such as Virtual Reality and Internet of Things. We  want to invite you to  give your opinion and fuel the discussion.


Owner/architect/designer of his own studio working on projects in the field of architecture, art & lighting and combines it with his work at the Faculty of the Built Environment (Chair of Architecture) at the Eindhoven University of Technology. Tom is also curator of several events and exhibitions in collaboration with MAD.


Director of MAD emergent art center with too many specialties and too little time. René is an expert in innovation development, concepts for high tech implementation, dissemination of technology and state-of-the-art installations that combine art, science and technology. MAD has several pillars: a laboratory,a maker space and event production.But in general MAD is a platform and provider of ‘Emergent Art’. Emergent art arises from the tension between cultural – and cutting-edge technology.

Sander Veenhof is a hands-on futurist, creating interactive experiences to explore scenario’s for a speculative but highly probable future. By staging events in a parallel reality that can be accessed with “AR” or “VR” viewers, his projects reflect on our gradual transformation into cyborgs living in an interconnected world of material, data and last but not least: people. Stepping beyond the obvious functionality of emerging hard- and software, his work addresses and pre-emptively fixes technosocial problems related to a future reality which will no longer be called augmented nor virtual.


Exposition: 6 feb / 13:00 – 21:00

Open discussion: 6 feb / 15:00

Fenixloods 1
6 feb / 22:00
WORM Afterparty