Opening performance

Symphony of Fire

4 feb / 18:00 official opening
explosive performance in front of the Fenixloods 1
Earplugs are a must!
Symphony of Fire is a partnership between Uwe Dobberstein and Peter de Man. Their aim is to create a new environmentally friendly experience through pyro-musical art.

The band consists of four members each with their own personalities and talents. The loudest band member is delicate violent, Brutus the cannon. Brutus has many rhythms and a few solid favorite beats. He always knows how to make the environment echoing with thunder. The fiery band mate Vulcan is the flamethrower. Vulcan has a sense of rhythm and knows the dance fire like no other. Dancing flames will enchant and let them crave for more. Hosts Uwe and Peter will create a strange tension in the air. This makes the show a complete and spectacular experience to come see it is definitely worth live.